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RedPack Online Tour RedPack operates numerous locations where field technicians can pick up and drop off parts. The wide selection of the locations almost guarantees that they are closer to your technician than your warehouse.
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Our nationwide network of PUDO and stocking locations saves you time and money...

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Case Studies

RedPack has helped some of the world's leading field service organizations improve their productivity. Here are some case studies to help you understand how RedPack can work for you...
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About Us

RedPack—not just a part smart solution

RedPack's mission is to provide innovative solutions to the field service management sector. Our services allow field service management organizations to reduce costs by increasing technician productivity, improving information on parts, and making available dynamic dispatching to improve SLAs.

Our management team comes from the service and outsourcing sectors, and has decades of experience in delivering the highest standard of service.

Providing these services has helped establish our position in the industry—allowing us to make a distinct and substantial impact on our client's bottom line.

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