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RedPack Online Tour RedPack operates numerous locations where field technicians can pick up and drop off parts. The wide selection of the locations almost guarantees that they are closer to your technician than your warehouse.
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Our nationwide network of PUDO and stocking locations saves you time and money...

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RedPack has helped some of the world's leading field service organizations improve their productivity. Here are some case studies to help you understand how RedPack can work for you...
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Can you accept a 7-10% cost increase to your transportation budget?

"Our process has proven so reliable, we are able to guarantee an ROI, or our services are delivered at no cost."

Efficient Parts logistics is more than inventory planning. Optimization depends heavily on transportation cost. 2007 brought one of the largest increases to small package transportation cost in 15 years through UPS and FedEx. The 2008 rate increase announced in November is projected at 7-10% for the average customer.

To solve the problem of ever-increasing transportation costs, RedPack brings over 100 years of UPS and FedEx experience to your side of the negotiating table:

  • Our executive staff has negotiated hundreds of FedEx, UPS, and DHL contracts ranging in size from $30 million per year down to $500k per year. Regardless of your size, we can help you evaluate transportation alternatives or simply reduce existing cost with UPS and FedEx.
  • Our process has proven so reliable, we are able to guarantee an ROI or our services are delivered at no cost.  
  • RedPack starts with leveling the playing field by providing a detailed overview of your distribution characteristics and a perspective on how they are viewed by UPS, FedEx, and DHL.  We “Level The Playing Field”.
  • RedPack uses the analytics of your specific distribution to highlight areas of your contracts that have opportunities for specific improvement using a no risk compensation model.
  • RedPack provides strategy, resources and results in an area where the carriers do not participate competitively in online auctioning, strategic buying groups, or purchasing platforms such as Ariba or Commerce One.
  • All of our work is done under the strictest of confidentiality guidelines established by our customers and the carriers.
  • A recent Morgan Stanley report highlights the fact that customers using services like RedPack Transportation consulting, consistently lower rates beyond their own capability.

We have delivered significant cost savings in over 95% of the clients we engage using a process that takes less than 4 weeks.  We will highlight opportunities to:

  1. Improve your current FedEx, UPS, or DHL contract rates.
  2. Reduce your cost by utilizing regional small package transportation alternatives.
  3. Optimize between traditional small package programs with UPS and FedEx and LTL based pricing alternatives.

Contact us today only if you need to lower your cost…….


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