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RedPack Online Tour RedPack operates numerous locations where field technicians can pick up and drop off parts. The wide selection of the locations almost guarantees that they are closer to your technician than your warehouse.
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Our nationwide network of PUDO and stocking locations saves you time and money...

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RedPack has helped some of the world's leading field service organizations improve their productivity. Here are some case studies to help you understand how RedPack can work for you...
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RedPack Logistics is the only US provider of Part Proximity Services. With RedPack's dense network of locations, field service technicians can pick-up and return parts much closer and faster. Our network utilizes 24x7 locations equipped with RedLink technology allowing real-time tracking of parts. The reduction in drive time results in substantial cost savings and improved customer service, as has been successfully proven by leading service organizations.

  1. Today in Europe and Australia, RedPack solutions are in use by leading service organizations such as IBM, Ricoh, Siemens, etc.

  2. RedPack currently operates a nationwide network of FSL (Forward Stocking Locations) as well as PUDO (Pick-up and Drop-off) locations.

  3. Typical PUDO locations include 24x7 convenience stores, service stations, and automated locker systems.

  4. Each PUDO is equipped with our RedLink tracking technology, which provides full visibility of the arrival, collection and return of service parts.

  5. The information provided for each service part includes date and time, PUDO location, tracking number, time of collection, name of technician and signature. Additional information can be customized for each RedPack client through integration with barcode information.

  6. Each service-part-related event can be communicated via text message or email, and is available online.

  7. There are no startup fees or long-term contracts to sign.

  8. Our RedEye in-night service provides a cost efficient way to distribute parts at night to our PUDOs. Parts are delivered prior to 8:00 am, allowing your technicians to collect them early in the morning.

  9. RedPack has integrated its solution with the major logistics companies as part of a broader service parts logistics solution (UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL).

  10. The RedPack executive team has over 150 years of logistics and parcel experience and includes past members of the UPS Board of Directors.


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