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RedPack Online Tour RedPack operates numerous locations where field technicians can pick up and drop off parts. The wide selection of the locations almost guarantees that they are closer to your technician than your warehouse.
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Our nationwide network of PUDO and stocking locations saves you time and money...

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RedPack has helped some of the world's leading field service organizations improve their productivity. Here are some case studies to help you understand how RedPack can work for you...
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Redpack Network Inc announces the industry FSL + PUDO NETWORK

Leading Parts Logistics provider RedPack Network Inc, is launching operations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh

(FSL=Forward Stocking Location; PUDO=Pickup and Drop-off)

Pittsburgh, PA – April 19 th, 2007– RedPack Network Inc., the leading parts logistics provider for field service organisations, today announced that it has launched the industry’s first FSL + PUDO network in North America. These new services will be available immediately in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Additional cities will be added to the network on a continuous basis. The plan is to expand into all the major metropolitan areas in the USA within the next 12 months.

Rolling out this unique service capability addresses the last mile parts logistics issues our clients are facing. The FSL’s provide local storage of parts required for same day SLA’s, while the PUDOs make the parts available close to the end customers premises. Unlike other organisations in this sector, RedPack provides a dense network of secure 24-hour locations, supporting in-night delivery with a robust easy-to-use technology platform. RedPack Network provides real-world solutions which work.

“The RedPack Network provides service organisations with a new solution in getting the parts and technicians together. As service criteria increase, new approaches to parts logistics are essential. With Part Proximity Services, our clients are able to determine the time and place of parts collection and return, giving them the ability to meet these demanding SLAs ”, states Juan Sotolongo, CEO RedPack Network and 25 year veteran of the business services sector.

About RedPack Network – Part Closer, Part Faster

RedPack Network is the leader in Part Proximity Services in the U.S., and UK. The network offers convenient pick up and drop off locations; densely located and operated 24/7. This network enables convenient access to parts for any field service technician in a safe, controlled environment. RedPack’s technology platform tracks every “part event”, including delivery, pick up, and exceptions. Information is available to trigger the most complex SLA process. RedPack has helped leading service organisations reduce drive time, labour and transportation costs, while maintaining or improving service. Our solution is best practice in Europe and the USA.


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